PiezoDN density range

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for our Pt/PD process (1:1) we require negatives with a density range of 2.0. We are currently using Methodology 3 with 1.8 Dmax. We print two films, one with the full density range and one with the density reduced to 20%. We then sandwich them together for the exposure. This has worked quite well so far for us. Now with PiezoDN would we be able to produce one negative with a density range of 2.0?

We are using a EPSON 9880 with 5 grey shades, matte and glossy inks and GO in a regular P2 set-up for the 9880. Is this also the set-up you are proposing for the forthcoming 9880 PiezoDN support.

We are looking very much forward to the PiezoDN on the 9880.

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Sorry for the late reply. The density range is significantly higher with PiezoDN between the base fog and the most dense patch to ensure a white on any medium from gum all the way to Ziatype.

But the second densest patch (this is the important one) in the 129 step target prints at the correct range for whatever medium you want and can be placed at whatever range you want based on a photoshop curve (see the section in the PiezoDN instructions talking about Limiting). The control is entirely in your hands, but the final patch (most dense) is always going to print white no-matter the medium. PiezoDN is built with this simplicity in mind. (Density range of the PiezoDN neg is around 2.4 to 2.5 optical non UV but the density range at the next step down can be anything.)



Hello Walker,

It seems that the support for the 9880 will take a while. To get us started with PiezoDN, do you have already the master.quad fro the printer? We would require a quad for the following (regular P2 setting) assignment: K/MK, C/SH2, LC/SH3, M/SH4, LM/SH5, LK/SH6, Y/PK, LLK/GO. Could you build such a quad for us? We would be happy to pay for the service.


Christoph Heidelberger

And by “based on a photoshop curve” I mean, based on a photoshop curve that can be embedded directly into the .quad