PiezoDN and Adaptive Hybrid

I noticed that QTR supports Adaptive Hybrid and am wondering if this has been tested with PiezoDN (not the beta driver)? I seem to recall that one of the reasons for the beta driver development was in order to support Adaptive Hybrid.


Hi Michael,

Ordered has long been the preferred dither option for QTR digital negs. I can remember trying Adaptive Hybrid long ago with OEM inks, but I don’t remember it being better than Ordered.

I think the answer to the second part of your question is contained within it. Think about it for a minute — if QTR supports Adaptive Hybrid (as it has from the beginning), why would the beta-driver be needed to support it? The dither algorithm you are thinking of is Hybrid EvenTone, which is not available in QTR, and has helped me with a few problematic images.


Oops! I guess I should be on my computer with the app opened so I could check the dither type.

Grazie a lui!