Piezo Professional Excel tool- is older version 2.1.0 useable?

I just bought PiezoDN (Oct 2022), and following the online manual for calibration it looks like I need to use the Excel tool Piezography Professional to linearize etc. I have an older version of Piezo Pro 2.1.0 but the current version (2.2.1 in the video) wasn’t included in PiezoDN. I’m hoping either the older version will work fine for DN, or I can get an update. I’d rather not pay more just to get it working. Anyone know what the current version is and whether the changes are essential? Thank you!

Check out this link for current version specifics and the history of the versions.

Dear Wayne, you have access to PPEv2. That is calibration side of things now for PiezoDN.

You can download most recent version here: Download Piezography Professional Edition | Piezography

@jsking and Walker- thank you both. I’ve now got the current PPEv2.
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