Piezo Pro with 3800 one head clogged - how?

I have my own 3880 remapped using just the simple Selenium inkset. No problem. I understand how it works.

I recommended Piezography to him, and he arrived over here with a used 3800 with the VM channel clogged. He also bought the Piezography Pro inkset for it, which uses all 9 carts. With my 7-ink setup, remapping was obvious. With 9, however, I’m confused… Is there a way to use this printer with Piezo-Pro? How about if he limits it to just matte paper/ink - does that free up the GO for use, or will the driver not work that way?



This will work for Matte-Only printing. Re-map the Dark Grey Warm (VM) to LLK on the pro curves.