Piezo Pro linearization

Hello Walker,

I’ve had a difficult experience trying to linearize Piezo Pro files (Mac, i1Pro1). I’m stuck near the end of the 51-step process.

Prelude: A first frustration was simply extracting the ‘Deluxe’ manual from the larger one in order to print it – please make it available separately. My second difficulty was in trying to follow the instructions, with a color management professional at my side: he was embarrassed for you because you apparently haven’t beta tested the instructions with a novice at hand to catch omissions/errors. He was able to fill in gaps that he thought would have baffled me. He recommends going over the documentation again.

Now the real problem:

I wanted to make a linearized curve starting with the HahnPhotoRag settings for Cool/Neutral/Warm as in Screen Capture 1 (H=100C, M=50C/50W, S=100W). We made it through the instructions for Section 9 to p. 70, “6. Save the sheet to the same folder as the .quad you want to linearize,” and below, “1. 51 STEPS, LINEARIZE THE .QUAD: 1. Select BOTH the measurement.txt file AND the .quad file you want to linearize.”

Initially, “The same folder” is ambiguous: Make a new folder with these two files in it, or slip the measurement file into the existing folder of .quads?

If that were clear, I still wouldn’t know what to do next – the main problem:

There’s no “BOTH,” as in the instructions, but instead three .quad files, Cool, Neutral, and Warm, as in Screen Capture 2. Unless I skipped something important, this is the first mention in the Deluxe manual of .quad files, either singular or plural, so I have no clue what to do next.

Soow do you linearize a Piezo Pro file that uses three curves, Col/Neutral/Warm, not just one?

Kirk T.


Dear Kirk. You need to linearize each curve (Warm, Cool, Neutral) individually. Then your print environment will be fully linearized and you can slide between the various curves with ease while maintaining linearity.


Please note, if you are printing with Pro inks with the same paper that a curve has already been built for, there is a very good chance that your linearity will be spot on to begin with and that you won’t need to linearize. You can validate this by measuring the first chart and seeing the resulting linearity in your Error Corrector.



OK, got it – now that you’ve said it!

But could you please put this in the Deluxe Manual instructions? It’s pretty basic, and I’d guess that about half the people going at it would err in the way I did!

Shouldn’t it be way back at the beginning, where you say to print the target? One should know then that using Piezo Pro one can print only the Cool - Neutral - Warm curves separately, and not split-toned combinations. The instructions confused even my friend who does color management for Paramount and Fox.