Piezo Error corrector


I got some negative Numbers in the L column. I am to be unable to edit the number. I get a message that says the cell is protected. There may be a way to change the number but it’s not obvious.


The number you need to edit is the measurement number that is out of wack (not decreasing from top to bottom) (not the in the Falses column but in the L* column).

Check the instructions on the google sheet under the graph for details.




Got it. Reread the offending sentence little more carefully. In the meantime I just reread the offending patches and the offending minuses went away. Can I assume that when you get a ‘minus’ in the L False column that’s the result of a misread(operator error), and assuming a nozzle check was done prior to cleaning.


Generally the L* falses column are a “False” read made in error from the instrument or placement of the instrument on the target patch, yes.