Pictorico rolls question

I’ve been using the Pictorico single sheets - but am considering ordering a roll - it seems like it would cost less per sheet if I did. A question for you roll users - does the Pictorico that you cut from rolls stay relatively flat or is there a really hard curve to the cut piece that makes it tough to manage when getting it positioned in a printer?

It stays flat in the frame under glass or vacuum. The trick to printing rolls though is to not let the printer cut it.

Use high end Gingher scissors and cut manually. This way you don’t get film shavings on the non-dry ink of the negative.



Thanks, Walker. So cutting a 13x17 inch piece to use in my 1430 shouldn’t be a problem?

Sorry. When you said using a roll, I figured you had a roll printer.

No. It’s going to be too bendy for a small format printer.


My fault - I should have specified. Thanks for the info.

I’ll offer a slightly different perspective on cutting sheets from rolls. Last summer I bought a 17" roll to use with a 4880 that died of a major electrical failure when I was halfway through the conversion process. The version on the 129-step target that I use is very slightly too long to fit on an 8.5x11 sheet with the required margins for either the 1430 that I started with or for the 3880 that replaced the 4880. So I thought why not cut 8.5x12 sheets from the roll. I pre-cut several 12x17" pieces on the Rotatrim, then cut them in half to 8.5x12, and stored them in a bag. They flattened out fairly well. I had not even a hint of a problem using them on either printer, I think because the path through the printer applies a slight reverse bend to the film which counteracts whatever curl there may be from being rolled. You do need a perfectly square leading edge though.

And be sure to use sufficient leading and trailing margins for whatever printer you are using.

Keith - that’s good to know - give the money to be saved, I think I’ll give it a try.