Pictorico Pro?

I’m looking for some Pictorico in 11x17" size. B&H sells a Pro OHP Ultra Premium. Is this the same as the plain old OHP Ultra Premium? Have you seen the Pro version before?

Thanks in advance,


It’s the same thing. TPS100 - Ultra Premium. The one you don’t want is TPU100 - Premium.


I know this may seem to be heresy to many ‘digital negativers’, but I use the standard version of Pictorico. I know, I know…

I would be interested to hear what others have found, but using the P2 system on an R3000, I cannot detect any difference in the negatives produced on the two versions of the film (using an 8x loupe), let alone on a hand-coated print.

It may well be that the Ultra version will be essential for the new printer driver, assuming it lays down more ink than the QTR driver, but for the moment I continue to use the standard film for two reasons:

  1. With the ever-increasing costs of postage from USA to UK, I can order regular Pictorico from Bostick & Sullivan whenever I reorder chemistry and save postage costs - B&S only stock the regular version.
  2. The printing time with Pt/Pd and Ziatype are at least 50% longer with the Ultra film, and they are long enough already.

It very well could be working fine on the 13" small formats (other than the 1430 which has a different head) as QTR uses a different dither/microweave compared to the larger cousins and also due to the 1.5pL dot size vs the 3.0pL dot size (which spreads out more). I admit we did not test after testing 10 or 15 different films variations on the large and only getting Ultra to work properly (density-wise).

To keep it simple we say that Ultra is required so nobody goes buying paper they can’t use when just starting out, but if it works, it works! No worries!



I’ve been using the TPU100 for the last 5 years, as its the only one available in Europe - I managed to get some TPS100 when I visited Santa Fe and the SW USA, but those stocks are getting low. I didn’t notice a difference, however most of my images are dark and dominated by the lower tonal values so require less ink density. If anyone has a UK source for TPU let me know! thanks