P900 gloss optimizer full sheet print

Print tool 2.3.4, p900, Mac, quad900-pro: printing small size prints on an A2, epson printer set to A2, Print tool A2, 16 bit mode: The printer seems to be laying GO on the entire sheet regardless of image size in Print Tool. Also the image seems to need centering as small patch prints offset from center seem to have GO starting early on the left border and the registration does not seem correct to the intended page layout in Print tool. What am I doing wrong please. Gracias, Heffecito.

Like all problems, a bit of experimentation helps. The registration for small prints on a large sheet go away when using paper profiles that do not use gloss optimizer. Without more tests i still posit that there is a problem with GO profiles on registration and less than full sheet prints. I shall continue the experiments to qualify this hypothesis.

Meanwhile, Jon Cone’s innovation and that of his team is the most significant contribution to photographers ability to preserve their images in physical art. The genius and love generated by this man cannot be overstated. Thank you Jon.


When everything fails, read the manual. The p900 needs the front panel set to the correct paper size, it is not controlled by PrintTool. The GO problem goes away now that the printer does not print the entire sheet with GO on the wrong hardware set paper size.