P800 with pro inks


I had taken the workshop in the spring of 2017 and met you there. So far I have been using my K7 selenium setup on a 3880 and Conecolor on a 2nd 3880 and have been very happy with the results. The selenium 3880 however has occasional problems with paper feed and paper marking as expected.

I finally just bought a refurbished epson p800 to go with the set of pro inks I bought last year. I have 2 questions

  1. Do you have a link on how to add the decoder board to the p800. Utube link is preferable if available
  2. Could you list the settings for the pro inks to reproduce the K7 selenium and the K7 special edition ink sets. I want to start there and fine tune as desired.


Pro ink does not replicate these ink sets no was it built to replicate traditional K7. That said it does do a good job of replicating Neutral and Warm Neutral (just not the other ones).