P800 LLK channel is not recognized, MK channel appears grayed out

I have recently installed a decoding board and inks (PZPRO to be used as PiezoDN) into a new P800 after performing a nozzle check. Before installation of the decoder board, the printer worked as expected with no errors.

Upon installation, and replacement of the ink cartridges, I get an intermittent error that states the LLK cartridge is not recognized. It is about 75% of the time I start the printer. I have reseated the cartridge, it appears to fit well. I’ve cleaned contacts. I’ve also reset the board (all channels were lost, then restarting I go back to the LLK channel being lost). I have also checked the ribbon cables and board. They appear seated correctly as best I can tell.

The MK channel also appears grayed out (darker shade than other cartridges).

I’ve searched the forum and also reviewed a suggested to a similar topic (hence the reset).

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. At this stage, this seems like a hardware error?

Thanking in advance,
Ray Hulse