P600 Banding problem

Hey yall, Im having a little trouble printing inkjet. I have a p600 and Im getting this light banding through my prints. They are mostly appearing white though the smooth areas. Sometimes its in the same spot sometimes there are multiple bands. Before I start printing, I make sure to do a nozzle check and cleaning, along with a head alignment but I seem to keep getting them. Ive read through alot of the forum and followed some advice with no luck. It doesnt happen as often on digital negatives as it does on inkjet.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I’m using the PiezoPro Ink set

feels like maybe a either an ink starvation in that point or a print feed speed issue.

make sure all the vent tabs are open when printing.

Also make sure you are at 2880 Super resolution and UniDirectional.


Thanks Walker, I topped the cartridges off with fresh ink. They were low but not empty. I did a small 8.5x11 print and it looked fine. I tried to print a 13x19 but the bands are still there. Also the print head is dropping ink(puddling) on the left side inside the printer. I have some new dampers coming in the mail monday just in case I have to replace them.

seems like possible damper issue you to me


I replaced the dampers last night and made a 13x19 inkjet print this morning, and the bands went away. The printhead stopped dropping ink on the left side of the printer as well. Thank you.

So glad that fixed it!!