P400 - Star-Wheels and problem with sawdust

Hi Walker or colleagues,
I’m a novice in piezography, resp. I haven’t made the first print yet and I’ve the first technical problem.
After blocking the leaf-switch, I saw sawdust from the print head from the star-wheels. (photo attached) The paper has been loaded in the top paper feeder.
I want to ask am I doing something wrong?
At this point, I can’t print like this because the sawdust will fall on the negative.

Il semble qu’il faut d’abords aspirer les sciures, mais il semble peu probable que le tête d’impression soit concernée. Sans doute la feuille bloquée a t’elle été déchiquetée très localement par les roues transporteuse. Epson 1400, 1450 ou 1500W?

Hi Pierre,
I solved it. I didn’t quite understand the instructions. It works now.