Over correction of linearization?


Hello Walker,

I printed some 51 step targets and they all read with a slight upward curve to the linear line in the display on the linearization google sheet. After linearizing and printing out some 129 step targets, they read with a slight downward bow from the linear line. Seems like there was an overcorrection.

What’s the next step? I’m afraid if I linearize the 129 it will just swing the other way again. Should I repeat the process from scratch ?




You’re fine. The original curve was linear. For whatever reason (humidity, not dry, etc) the first target was printing slightly light.



Thanks Walker. I was both inking a new printer and linearizing a new paper. I did notice that quick reference prints made from this new environment were lighter than ref prints made on a different printer. I had flushed with pflush, and thought I had it all out. But that may explain the lightness ?


That might explain it . . . hmm. Best bet is to run a lin now that the printer is “dark” but let it dry overnight before reading. Then validate another overnight dry lin.

I generally do this Thursday -> Calibrate Friday -> Validate a weekend dried target on Monday.



Thanks Walker, I have already started on this, making a 51 step target yesterday. I often do let my targets sit after a hair dry longer than one night. To validate, just print a repeat 51 step ? Cheers, Tom


51 should be just fine, yah



Awesome, thanks again - you’re a star