OS X 10.11.6 and possible QTR/PiezoDN bugs


Dear everyone. There has been reported to me a few bugs in the 10.11.6 mac OS X update that hit a little bit ago. I have not yet seen bugs but then again I’m at home right now and not in lab. I suggest not to upgrade to 10.11.6 until I can figure out if/what these bugs are.

If you’ve upgraded and you have problems, delete this folder: (your-hardrive)/Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone

Then re-install quadtonerip and re-install PiezoDN. Delete your printer from system preferences and re-add it with PiezoDN.

I will know more on monday folks.




I’ve been trying to get 11.6 to install since it came out and it will not complete the process. Thank goodness for that…


Apple just updated the iPhone again. My computer tried to update to .6 again but failed. Is this still an issue or should I wait for .7


It all works. Validated yesterday morning.