OS 10.12.4 drops QTR 2.7.7

Another problem arose tonight. Wednesday night Jim Hamstra and I set up his new 1430, loaded his PiezoDN on his Mac Pro laptop, launched Epson and PzDN printer installer and everything was great in Print Tool. Printed targets and got to work. Then tonight 1430 PiezoDN Quad dropped QTR driver and substituted a generic unnamed driver. No name shows up under Kind or under printer options & supplies. Re-launched PzDN installer, no joy. downloaded and re-installed everything, no joy. One other noteworthy potentially OS related issue appeared, PSCC 2017 now gives error message “Some components of software are missing, Please install software.” Disk Utility comes up clean. Could also be a bad sector in SSD, but wonder if this has come up before with PzDN printer installer

I have not seen this. I suggest deleting the folder /Library/Printers/qtr/quadtone and also deleting the printer in the sys prefs and then re-isntalling QTR and then the .quads


Make sure there is no curve with a name longer that 32 characters.



Walker, the lin.quad name is much longer than 32 characters and that is the cause of the issue. I reproduced the issue on my desktop by loading the curve into my 1430 folder. Another great answer.