Order of Linearization


I understand Neutral is an 82:18 blend of Cool:Warm inks. Since there are no neutral inks (Other than MK/PK) would it not be best to linearize the Cool and the Warm curves, then use those linear curves to create the Neutral curve set?


Yes. This is the easy and quick way to do it!


Hi Gregory, when you say “use those linear curves to create the Neutral curve set?” how is the Neutral quad curve created? Isn’t there a Neutral quad curve for your paper that remains untouched when you linearize the Warm and Cool curves. I’m trying to understand the fundamental difference between printing with one curve (standard Piezo K7 inks) versus printing with 3 curves (new Piezo Pro). I’d appreciate any understanding you might have. Thank you!



The Neutral Curve is created by using the 2 linearized curves (cool and warm respectively) and placing them in the Blender Tool and then setting the “Neutral Warm %” to between 18 and 30 (18-20 for gloss paper, 20 to 30 for matte paper). If the column under “Cool” in the blender tool is kept at 50 then the resulting blended curve will be neutral and linear.

This is explained in the piezography manual deluxe edition 2017.1.