Opinion on these curves?


Hey Walker,

I’ve got Latitude’s Pro Inks coming into line for Cyano and would love to get your eyes on these curves. I started off with the “pk-MASTER-beta-K4.quad” . Limited that at -8 (-12) based on test prints and then printed the 129 chart and measured with my i1Pro2. The linearized curve is rather bumpy whereas the limited curve is very smooth. I think the bumpiness may be a result of coating unevenness. Otherwise they’re really similar, save that the linearized curve looks to want more ink in the dense (hilight) values. Any thoughts? Should I go ahead and go with the new linearized one?



Not sure how you are linearizing but you need to smooth the values. All hand-coated media (especially cyanotype) has streaking to a certain extent resulting in bump measurements. PiezoDN and PPEv2 all have differing levels of smoothing as a result. (it’s all the in manuals)



Thanks, Walker! I smoothed it all out. Also, I wanted to run something by you. When I measure hand coated processes, I often get 10 or so false values. Instead of hand correcting, I thought I’d just drop the measurements into Excel and sort by value. Thinking this should still keep me pretty close to where I should be. What do you think?



Sorting by value will decrease quality because then you are falsely showing reversals as non-reversed. I put four years of theoretical and practical work into getting rid of inverts, that is what this software does.