Nozzles all firing, some severely deflected


Hi Walker,

I’m sure you seen this before. What to do ?




This is a deflecting nozzle. Clean the bottom of head. I’m a little worried because it’s in the middle (and if I remember correctly this printer has already gone down one channel?)



You have a great memory Walker, but that down channel is a different 9900.

Interestingly, I ‘lost’ the channel on that other 9900 after cleaning the bottom of the head, albeit a bit more aggressively than Dana does in the video. Then again, after reading some other posts on other ijm forums, that channel may have burned out (started in center and just lost line after line of nozzles.)

I plan on going a bit easier this time.


Thanks Walker. If this should not solve the issue (confidence is low ?), I can remap the curve data to the GO channel I do not use. I’m guessing then I should linearize again ?


Just do a very gentle cleaning with one of our swabs or a CMOS sensor wipe stick. If this does not fix a remap should work. Probably don’t need to relinearize.



Thanks for all your help. Dana uses Bounty to ‘shoe shine’ the bottom of the head. How do you do it with your swabs ?


I do it by taking the right cover off and getting directly to the bottom of the head.



Aren’t the nozzles covered by the capping station ?


the bottom of this printhead looks pristine


I put it all back together again after not cleaning (didn’t see any ink on the bottom of the head.) I did do the bounty shoe shine very gently without clearing the deflection but also without creating any new problems. I will remap.

Should I print out purge prints to clear out the GO and replace with ink or should I print out purge prints with flush first , then the ink ?


yep. Do the purchase prints. Highest platen gap.



Hi Walker ,

Thanks for all your help. I was thinking of trying this before the remap. Your thoughts on printing purge prints through the affected (M) channel after loading the channel with a cart of piezo flush, getting the flush to the nozzles, and letting it sit. Do some cleanings and then reload the ink using purge prints.

Thanks again,



It isn’t a clog internally so I don’t think you should go through the bother of PF.

If you put GCO in M most likely this will work just as well as flush and save you the extra effort and wear on the head.



Thanks Walker, your advice is invaluable. I don’t print glossy so was just going to forego GO, but I guess I do have to put something in the ‘no bueno’ M channel. T