nozzle cleaning plus carts unseen

Hello all, 'm having some problems with the R2000. First is that nozzle check doesn’t look good for one of shades. Ran several, or tons, of cleaning cycles with no success at all. Wonder if some thing else could be done to help nozzles to clean by any further or deeper way, by hand or what… Of course this happens in the middle of some negatives to be printed, most of negs are from students. On the other side yesterday cart C was unseen. This usually is back on after turning the printer of and leaving it alone for some few hours. Today C is seen but not M cart !

And all this, of course number 2, happens while the 3880 keeps refraining from working properly !

Any help will be strongly appreciated.

Thank you



If you are running nozzle cleans and it is not working this indicates a saturated ink pad or some other obstruction in the ink suction/cleaning assembly. At CEP we use little bottles connected to the waste ink tubes so all the waste ink is diverted out of the printer.

The carts “not being recognized” just means they are reading empty after several cleanings. Open the epson utility to get a live view of the levels during any maintenance procedure so you can see exactly whats going on and you can tell what chip will reset next.


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OK, so what’s what I’ll have to do now ?

Do I have to replace ink pads ? Wonder also how that is done

Thank you Walker