Noob: Can only find one set of Epson paper curves



Knowing that the Pro ink is compatible with a number of Epson papers, for instance Epson Ultra Premium Luster, I thought that I would find profiles for them when I installed the software for the 3880. At the moment I can only find curves for Espon Hot Press. Did I make a mistake in installation, do I have the wrong expectations, and how should I print on Ultra Premium Luster.







Dear Jon. The Canson-PhotoLuster will work perfectly on Epson Premium Luster.


Pro curves are much more inter-compatible.





Thanks, Walker.

As someone transitioning from Epson paper profiles to Physiography I would value a table showing Manufacturer/Paper and appropriate Pro curve.




We will be migrating to a more industry standard (Epson-like) Media Type / ICC workflow with the new driver so this is why further R&D has slowed a bit on existing QTR workflows like the above-mentioned table.




Thanks for the context. You guys are great to work with.


Oh Interesting… what new driver?

such a table is a brilliant idea though.

would save u guys the effort of responding individually to all the paper equivalent curve questions…


The table needs to actually be open-access spreadsheet for everyone to edit and contribute too because there are a vast amount of papers out there that are actually the same and everyone’s local knowledge is more valuable that mine.

I’m working on a system that will publish at for this to happen but it’s a long-term thing. Isn’t going to happen over night. In short, any curve published from 2016 to 2018 is pretty good at printing on a wide variety of papers. Just to put this all in context, Epson ABW only has like 8 curves total. (for the most basic of media types) that are universally printed on a wide variety of papers. Our specificity in naming has come around in bit us in the butt a little because when we name a curve for a specific paper, people assume it will only work on that paper.




Great idea!

One spreadsheet to rule them all!