Non-support topics?

Anyone interested in utilizing this forum for unusual and/or advanced printing issues utilizing Piezography, beyond support issues? Depending of course on the approval of our hosts… Decades past, I learn on forums, all the innovators were there in those days…
For example, a current interest of mine… unusual papers people might be experimenting with and how they make them work…
For myself anyway, stuff like this would come up rarely and not dominate the forum, but these days there’s really nowhere for these kinds of discussions beyond newbie posts and replies


By all means go wild!!!

Current interest: printing on the CT Reich Vellum with limited Pro ink curves. It even works on 20gsm stuff!


Yep, for sure. I print on all kinds of media, from tissue to plastic, and am especially fond of traditional printmaking papers. Currently, I’m using the Pro inks in a 7880; couldn’t be happier.

Have you tried doing chine colle with the Reich Vellum?

yeah, Nathanael and Jon did chine-collé with vellum over copper-plate I believe with direct to plate photopolymer. It was pretty amazing!


Tyler, we might all be waiting for you to bring forward interesting discussion non-support topics to get the ball rolling! So many of us see you as one of the “masters.”

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yikes! Waiting for me has never worked out well for anyone. Mostly I wanted to make sure it was OK here to get into general discussions beyond support, being a guest here and all. I’ll get into some things within the next week or so. Mostly about how the uncoated paper situation has opened up dramatically since MKHD came along. In the meantime I’d love to hear anything from others about uncoated papers they are liking. I have several, I’ll get some info here soon