non printing ink heads.

I’m using a 1430 with the inkjetmall provided CISS for PiezoDN and am running into problems with non printing ink heads. I follow the video tutorial on how to clean a print head. I use the provided cleaning tool and solution. I never run more that 2 clean cycles, still no help.

I removed the CISS and swapped back the OEM ink cartridges and after a single clean cycle the test page printed perfectly. I then swapped out the ink for the ConePro ink and Cone provided reusable cartridges and then after a single clean cycle again it printed the test page perfectly.

There are no kinks or obstructions in the tubing, there is a clear path.

I had a brand new 1430 in a box. I installed the CISS on that and encountered the same issue.

What do you recommend?

Roy Dean Stephens

I’ve run into another issue. The reset button on the four left inks will not reset. I’ve removed the cartridges and re-inserted confirming they click into place then hit the reset button on the cartridge pack, then on the printer. What happens is the cartridge head moves then goes back and the left four lights remain on.
I believe I have a defective CISS. Could I return it for a refund and get the Reusable Cartridge kit for the Epson 1430?


  1. Did you prime the carts properly?


  1. This CISS requires way way more pressure to get the carts seated properly that you might think. Try it again.


  1. We tested over 12 of these CISS’s in-lab with zero problems (taking the carts out and placing them in + durational testing).


  1. Also, make sure the vent plugs are out when printing and in when not printing.


  1. If this is still causing you trouble we would be totally happy to refund and get you a set of refill carts.




Dear Roy. I’ll set this up with you and Wells off-list.





Hi Walker! The biggest issue now is that the left 4 carts won’t reset. I have removed and re-added them over and over then hitting the reset on carts and then on printer. It is always the same four cartridges.

I’ve confirmed they snap in fully and tightly. I’ve been using the refillable ones for years so have a good feel for when they snap in tight.

I’ve just ordered the refillable cartridges second day air. I’d like to send the CISS back to you.

I believe these inks will transform my palladium printing world and look forward to using them.

-Roy Dean Stephens