No data in Sublime Text for LLK for gloss

Don’t ask why I’m looking at data in .quads in Sublime Text on a Friday night, but, well, can’t go anywhere, anyhow.

I’m using P2 set of DN curves for p800. I checked cyanotype.quad ,and also the master.quad, in Sublime Text and there are only 0’s under the LLK line. In the Ink Placement Chart it says the LLK position is used for Gloss overprint when DN printing.

I’d be happy to copy and paste the right numbers in if I knew what to use.

Otherwise, why did I bother to buy the gloss? :slight_smile:

GO hasn’t been used in PiezoDN curves for a couple years now, I think.

It is still part of the complete ink set though, except for the 6 channel printers, since it is used for printing on gloss papers.

Since I never print on gloss papers, I don’t use it either.

If you really want to use it, look for a folder called Installed Curves Backup in your Piezography folder and see if you have anything from 2018 or older.

Or if you are brave, copy/paste this into ther LLK position of your quad: GO_LLK curve.txt (1.3 KB)

Mumbling to self: must walk away from computer, must walk away …


Me, too. Me, too. Me, too.

Yes, I’m brave. Thanks for the file.