News about new driver for PiezoDN?


Hi there!,

Any news about the new driver for PiezoDN?

I see the new version of QTR is already coming with the option of Super detail (small format printers only)… I just wonder whether the new QTR is also coming with a new inbuilt dithering system like the one you guys were working on?

For what I understood, the new driver you were preparing was supposed to allow direct use of the Epson driver without having to use QTR, also including a more stochastic dithering and higher resolution for small format printers. Any news about when it could be ready?




Hi Rafa! I thought you joined the beta-test group for the Piezography Professional driver. No? There are Master curves for PiezoProK5 ink for x900 printers, though I don’t think any of the test group who have been actively participating are using that particular setup. I do know at least one who is using Pro inks in a 7880.

Join the beta group. Get a headstart on this. The interface is primitive at this point, but not that hard to learn. It could be a while before it’s ready for public release, unless Walker is holding something back. :wink: The last update was 2 months ago so I expect something new pretty soon.

My results on the 1430 have been outstanding; on the 3880, not so much, but I’m inclined to think my particular unit has some problems of its own unrelated to the driver.

I do wish other beta-testers were a little more active in sharing their results. Other than Shane Booth and Michael Trupiano, it’s been kinda lonely in that group.


Keith - in anticipation of using the new drivers at a June workshop (big assumption there) - how do I join the beta test group?




You can apply from this page: