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Newbie to Piezography. Just wasted enough Rag and Carbon to sing the Carbon Rag. After getting the system dialed in, Epson SHP-9000, PiezoProV2, PS2021, Leica M10_Monochrome, QuadTone, Print_Tool. My primary image and test targets were always dark. PS taking in DNG and outputting TIFF flattened with a grey2.2gamma profile.
Doing test prints on Canson Etching. the blacks were furious. Nothing could stop it. My monitor is BEMQ321-c and was hardware calibrated within 0.5E across the board. The monitor looked great, the print was way dark.
Finally I printed a 51 step on Quadtone and then a second at -15 gamma. It looked like 50L was being mapped from 28L. I applied a single curve adjustment mapping 50L back to 28L and although the screen print was very light, the print, now quad tone at 8/16 auto bits from a flat TIFF and no gamma correction produced a reasonably fine final print.
Can anyone tell me why it took so much tequila together here and why is my print so dark using "recommended"workflow.

Cheers, Jeffrey

Those numbers may have been reversed, 50 was printing as 28, my adjustment curve mapped 28 back to 50.

Ok, so Canson rag (photographique platine?) carbon inkset. Carbon K6/P2 or K7?

You should be using curves from one of those folders. Please let me know the curve, please show me photos of print-out, curve selection, etc.


Photoshop custom proof Piezography matte selenium soft proof.icc from the Piezopro 9000 p2 set, quad tone P2-SEL-UHD-HahnProtoRag308, single curve, mode Quadtone RIP 8-bit, Epson set on PhotoMK but complains if I set it to matte, qudtone black ink set as installed, . Original file DNG and imported through PS raw without modifications. Tried saving the TIFF without Gamma2.2 embedded but no effect.

same target printed with QTR gamma at 0 and below printed with gamma -15. Cut out swatches at L50 and L74 placed on the print set at gamma 0. Showa approx 28l differential.

please upload the measurements if you have them. I’d like to graph against linear.

Also, always print 16bit.


Will do, or try, operating on an Apple silicon M1 so there are some problems measuring with data color Spyder but a few beers will probably solve that.

Was printing on 16 bits when the problem surfaced, switched to Auto but no joy.

also you are using the SEL curve but have carbon ink set. Use the CAR curve.


ill run it again with CAR, may be confused , thought P2 PRO would allow selenium. Problem surfaced while using CAR, but any experiment that is not repeatable is indistinguasable from religion.

P2 is not PRO.

What ink set do you actually have in your printer?


Its looking great now, I have PRO ink on a P9000. My error was the printer was set on Photo black and I was running the Matte curves with QTR set up to accept installed ink. I didn’t realize the printer had to be manually switched rather than the driver QTR selecting the K. Now a 100 step grid has differentiation on each step. Yea! my curves may still not be the right ones - They are from P7000-9000-Pro-K5.

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OK, now I found them, the HD set p9000, k7-CAR-UHD-CanEdEtch. What a Bozo I Yam!
\Thanks for the patience Walker, you are the El Duderino.

Stil a Bozo, the printer driver shows a QTR error, wrong number of inks =9 in profile. slap my mamma. Ill just sit tight until the rescue crew arrives.

I went ahead and looked up our delivery history to you. You have Piezography PRO ink set.

So on the Mac you need to install from this folder:

Do not use a K7 curves! You don’t have a K7 inkset.

The PRO curves (however) all use “HD” inks, but the Curves-HD folder was created after the Pro inks were launched as we updated all our legacy inks with HD and published those curves recently.


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