New quad file not showing up when I run QTR-Create-Quad.exe on Windows 10

I have always linearized by dragging a CGATS.txt and a .quad file onto a shortcut to the QTR-Linearize-Quad.exe. I do this in a folder which initially only contains the shortcut. When I’m finished, it contains the two files I dragged as well as the CGATS-out file and the -lin.quad. I This always worked in Windows 7. But after converting to Windows 10, only the GCATS-out.txt is created. I do not get a new quad.

Originally, this was posted as a question. However the answer was discovered by Keith Schreiber and Roy Harrington in the QuadToneRIP discussion group. You can’t use a shortcut to QTR-Linearize-Quad.exe in Windows 10. You must drag the two input files to the actual executable in the Eye-One directory. It’s something to with the way shortcuts work in Windows 10 interacting with quirks in the way QTR-Linearize-Quad.exe was written.