New Printer New Problems


Hi, I’ve just attempted to switch from colour inks to Piezography

This is a new printer. My fourth in fact. Before this was another brand new 1430 and before this two preowned R2880’s

I’ve had problems with banding and clogging with all of them.

I was getting a perfect nozzle check with the colour cartridges. I printed a number of test images with the colour inks to vet the printer and ensure there were no unresolvable banding issues as detailed in the knowledge base. This all went well, the images look smooth to me.

Next I installed a set of piezoflush cartridges to flush out the color inks by printing the 8 channel flush image in QTR. I did this until all traces of colour ink was gone.

Then I installed the piezography ink using EasyFill carts as recommended to me. Suddenly I am getting clogged nozzles, straight away. Tried a few head cleans and the problem is only getting worse.

Why would the nozzles begin to clog immediately after installing the black and white inks when I have had no nozzle issues with the original carts or piezoflush on this new printer?


The amount of time and ink I’ve wasted is obscene at this point. Why won’t it just worth smoothly as it should?


Can someone explain the logic behind this. Here are two nozzle checks.

It shows before and after installing a Shade 2 ink cartridge in the Cyan position (furthest right) where you see pink in the upper nozzle check.

Why would replacing an ink cartridge cause gaps in two channels that previously had no gaps? I just don’t understand the correlation or what is actually going wrong here. As soon as a problem is fixed in one area then it starts somewhere else for no apparent reason.


Just curious, were you getting perfect nozzle checks with Piezoflush before you installed the K6 inks? Any reason you didn’t install all the K6 inks at the same time?

As I mentioned to you in our private conversation, I’m using a CISS on my 1430 and have no experience with the refillable carts you are using, but I always have to do a fair amount of work to get it going each time I start it up after it’s been idle for a while. This includes multiple cleaning cycles, cleaning the wiper blade and capping station, sometimes cleaning the underside of the head, printing the 6-channel flush page that I sent you, and even letting it sit overnight after doing some or all of this stuff. Eventually it clears up.

The only reason I put up with all of this is that I find the 1430 to make slightly better (read finer “grained”) negs than the same inks in my 3880. On the other hand, the 3880 has been completely trouble-free.

You do seem to be having a very unusual run of bad luck with this.


Yep, perfect nozzle check with colour ink. Smooth, banding free test prints, perfect nozzle with piezoflush on all channels, put the WN inks expecting an easy switchover in BAM, clog, clog, relentless clog.

Tried the whole cleaning procedure and it’s still not letting up, the problem just moves around. Underside of the head gently with PF soaked (bounty) towel, wiper blade cleaned, installing PF carts in problem spots, cleaning cycles, letting it rest overnight to settle down/eliminate air, the works. Possibly flushed another 50ml+ of in the procedure.

Using the carts recommended as they might be less problematic.
Utterly doomed by this.


Hey Gareth. I’m PMing you a reply.

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Hi Walker, what is the situation regarding the new cartridges for the 1430?

Thanks, Gareth


Still waiting on final batch for QC.

I’ll let everyone know when we have them in.