New Piezography Pro compatibility

The pre-release details of the new Piezography Pro system just announced by Inkjetmall, allowing warm to neutral to cool tonality look really interesting. I am wondering whether the new inks will be compatible with the Piezo DN system and, if so, is there any quality compromise with the digital negatives due to having slightly different tones for the inks.

Best wishes Julian

I can give you a partial answer, they will be compatible with the PiezoDN, so I was told. The details I will let Walker answer.

Yes. We have built an initial PiezoDN dual-K4 curve successfully internally so we know it works.

The dual-K5 PiezoPro-PiezoDN profiles for the x900 10-channel printers will actually be significantly more robust than current PiezoDN curves.

It may take a little while to publish the PiezoDN Pro curves after launch of the new ink system.



This sounds very promising - I am already using the SE ink set to make digital transparencies for polymer gravure here at school. (Yes, it is working I am using a 2 exposure method similar to the one in my older Piezo blog post, not DTP, and I will share details re this soon, just been too busy to sit down and write coherently) I have been asked to set up a system for a workshop/studio in Port Washington, where I am doing a project residency. Just picked up a gently used 4800 for them very cheap, and will be buying carts and inks for it soon. I was planning to use the SE K7 set up I am already using - The workshop/studio is interested photography and printmaking, as of now they know nothing about quality BW digital printing at all and wanted the ability to make paper prints as well - So the questions - if the new Piezo Pro can do dual duty for both DN and paper prints it may be the way to go, for this application - as it offers more options than a straight selenium or SE set. -Will I definitely need PP the software package in addition to the PPinks? Will the dual K4 curves work with only 8 slots? Or will I need to stick with a K7 plus GO set-up?

We’ll distribute the Pro curves free and PPE calibration software independently. You will not need PPE off the bat unless you want more advanced calibration on the printing side similar to PiezoDN neg calibration.


I will post more details when I’ve validated dual K4 Pro PiezoDN curves on the x880s.


You will need new PK and GO. Everything in Pro has been re-formulated.





Are you using the PiezoDN process (starting with XXXX-PiezoDN-Pos-Master.quad curves – where XXXX is your printer type — and linearizing as appropriate) and two exposure method (I am assuming you mean aquatint exposure first, then positive) for your polymer gravures? Are you using the latest generation Solarplate for this as well?


I currently am using both image -on, and some left -over KM-43 plates that I had. The curve you reference seems to work well enough with the SE inks when used with the PS curve I specified in the blog post I wrote several years ago (I think it is still around here somewhere) applied to the file, I previously used the Method 1 inkset and the IJM supplied curve for a 2 exposure process. I am working this way in the absence of a gravure curve for Piezo DN which looks like it will be headed our way sometime this month? - The PS curve was a very linear moving of the BW endpoints - the transparency appears very gray - The intaglio printed results were not measured electronically in any way - but visually resulted in a predicable, full gray ramp. Just a note if you do not have a good aquatint screen this method will not work at all. I am not sure whether the upcoming Piezo DN curve will have a “screen” built in or not- For the “one exposure” method this was accomplished by applying a curve to reduce the black output - At this point waiting to see what what comes next.

We are currently behind schedule on gravure as we have a ton of work ahead of us to get Pro ink out the door.

It will be a few months out unless someone here has already pulled a gravure curve. I know a few people are headed in that direction in the coming weeks.