New PiezoDN curves


Ok. I’m going to get the ball rolling by posting a test curve that I’m working on for an upcoming PiezoDN Dye ink set with 8 shades of gray ink.

Curve Type: PiezoDN
Process: 100% Platinum in Oxalate Developer
Media: Revere Platinum Paper
Notes: 50% Humidity, 129.5 Units exposure
Printer: P600
Ink: Dye K8
Curve: Palladium-Ox-129un.quad (8.0 KB)


And here are upcoming PiezoDN v.2.6 master curves for selenium ink and 1400 through P9000 printers (excluding R2000 style printers for the moment).

These are newly smoothed and dMax has been optimized for the 1430 and HD-PK ink.

Curves: (1.0 MB)

New Pro, Selenium, and Dye PiezoDN inks will come in v2.6

LLK (GO) is no longer present in these curves in order to minimize cost per negative and also because some users reported cross bleed between hard edges of HD-PK and the live application of Gloss Optimizer.


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