New PiezoDN Beta Driver Status


Dear group. I’m going to privately release the Piezography Beta Driver on this PiezoDN group (downloadable by PiezoDN customers only) first. It’s been a lot of time and effort put into this driver and it’s by no means bug free. The beta will be updated swifty but it’s state at the moment is very early stage!


Why build a driver?

We started this project to support SureColor P400, P600, and P808 printers because I noticed micro-lining in digital negatives and gloss prints with QuadtoneRIP.

What’s going to be new with this driver?

  1. 5760x2880dpi on the small formats.
  2. 2880x2880dpi on the large formats.
  3. new "eventone hybrid" dither which just eliminates dots with pro and k7 ink.
  4. Less "cross-hatch" patterns.
  5. No micro-lining on R2000 and 1430 printers.
  6. Less or zero banding of the first and last inch on small format printers.
  7. Simple organization using a Media Type > Ink Type menu system.
  8. Vacuum, Platen Gap, Print speed, etc, all choosable from the driver.
  9. Future support for innovative (currently secret) projects that we are cooking up in the R&D lab.
What printers will be supported first?

P400, P600, P808, P7000, P9000,





Will you support Piezography paper (not just film) printing?

Yes. Off the bat there will be some paper printing supported but this will be extremely minimal and subject to change. The priority is PiezoDN first (because PiezoDN demands such fidelity!). We have to build an external blending tool for Pro ink printing so this will take some time.

Where can I find the beta installer?

It’s not ready yet but I’ll post a link on this thread when I have it gussied up enough for first test. The purpose of this beta release is to get user feedback so I can make it good!

All the best,

more soon,



Hello Walker - I am looking forward to working with the Beta. Thanks for all your work.