new master.quad curves and printer support


As new master.quad curves and printer support are released where will they be posted? Or how will users be notified?

Are the PiezoDN install command files the same as the QTR install command (for the same printer)?

What is the status on releasing support for the R2880?


One more question… I assume from reading the ink requirements section on page 75 of the new piezography manual 2016 deluxe edition that GO goes into shade 7 position (since PK is used at position 1 and selenium shades 2 - 6 are used in positions 2 - 6)?

Related to Gloss Optimizer: If you read the instructions found in /Piezography/Documentation/Instructions/… it tells you where each of the inks go.

Related to curves: They information will be released with the version notes at

The 3880 curve will work with the R2880 (although it won’t be perfectly linear until we get our density conversion tool finished) however the R2880 is not a pressurized head system so I’m not overly keen on it as a negative printer due to the strong possibility that it can micro-line like crazy. I suggest the R3000 as a small-format neg printer (same print-head as the 3880).



Related to GO… where is the path located you suggest? it is not on the PiezoDN website; the ink installation instructions on the site does not cover PiezoDN. I am just verifying that GO, for the R2880, goes into shade 7 (yellow). thanks again!


These are not urls that I’m posting, they are in your hard-drive. Go to your Applications folder then Piezography/Documentation/Instructions




Got it! Thanks Walker!