New Master Curves fo x800,x880,x890, & x900 printers

Hey everyone. I have updated the Piezography Community Edition with new master curves for most traditional Piezography printers.

These new master curves are named like so: (inkset)-(ink hue)-(black ink type)-MASTER.quad

For example: P2-CAR-PKHD-MASTER.quad means it is a “P2” curve built for “Carbon” ink hue using the new “PK-HD” ink and that it’s a “Master” curve (a generalized starting curve for linearization).

I’ve built new master curves for normal Piezography Photo Black (formerly WN1), new Piezography PK HD (originally only sold for Pro ink purchases but available soon for every Piezography customer), and the new UltraHD-MK ink.

The new photo black curves offer less total ink usage, better gloss differential control, higher dMax (with both WN1 and PKHD) and better dot placement.

We are seeing L* values of 1.43 on some papers with traditional Piezography and the PK-HD ink. That is a dMax around 2.82!!! L* for the new curves using the old WN1 ink has dropped from the 5.5 range to the 3.4 range.


The UltraHD-MK master curves will also work with normal Piezography MK (Neutral 1) and will actually increase that ink’s printed dMax slightly as well.

We are seeing L* values on matte paper in the 12.9 range for UltraHD-MK master curves and ink. That is a dMax of 1.81.

Long store short,

these new curves will work with ink you already have, and will work with new UltraHD-MK and PK-HD ink if you decide to upgrade to that for your traditional Piezography printer.

All the best,


odd question I know… I am helping one of your customers with a pro setup for a 9900 with one bad channel. So we are doing a Cold K5 and Warm K4 setup as Walker suggested. Remapping has been no problem thanks to your great manual, and we will relinearize with the google apps for his papers with the login supplied by you.

I’d like to get him a neutral curve… Seems to me I can combine the K4 and K5 right? Question is, K4s are master only, K5s finished paper specific, no masters.

Am I going to be way off combining warm K4 master curve with a cool pre- linearized neutral curve to linearize, or will the balance be too far off? Hope I’m explaining this properly…



The balance won’t be too far off.

Option 1: Linearize the K4 (warm) master curve first, then you can mix the linearized cool and linearized warm curves to make a neutral curve that won’t need linearizing.

Option 2: Mix the master K4 (not linearized) with the K5 curve to make a neutral curve and then linearize just the neutral curve. This option does not properly linearize your K4 master curve so it’s not the best approach.

cheers (and glad to see you on this forum!)


perfect, and makes sense of course. Happy to be here!

ok, there’s always one more question, and here’s the first… 2 papers we are doing you already have complete K5 curves for, both are gloss, Type 5 and Ilford… Might it be wise to copy your K5 gloss channel numbers into the K4 masters, as you’ve probably got that worked down for those papers?