New Epson P7000

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I’m thinking about buying a new Epson P7000 to use with Piezography Pro. My question is: could I Instal as a first fill directly the Piezography pro inks or should I first run the Int fill with the original inks and then execute the cleaning and following with the Piezogaphy Pro ink? Thanks for the answer
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Davide D’Angelo - Italy

You should install directly with Piezography Pro Inks. This ensures that no color pigment ever hits your dampers or ink lines or heads. This is what we do at Cone Editions Press.

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Hi all
I just got a new P7000. I filled and very carefully primed (checking for no air bubbles) 700ml cartridges with Pro inks and loaded them into the new printer. It ran through the initial fill cycle. Then, I got the message that the nozzles were not clean and to run a cleaning cycle. I did that, and then got another cleaning cycle prompt. Each of these is flushing a lot of ink through. After the third prompt, I chose the option to not run a cleaning cycle. But on loading paper, the printer one more started running a clean cycle, so I powered off and have left the unit alone overnight. Any ideas of what I can do before powering on?

Or should I just keep letting the printer run cleaning cycles?


I let the powered-off printer sit overnight.
Today, powered up, and there was no cleaning cycle prompt. BUT, noticed that the vacuum was switching on and off periodically. After working through all the cartridges, I found one that must have an air leak! I happened to have a spare cartridge, replaced it, and voila! All is working well, heads are printing very clean, and I am ready to roll.