New Drivers for Piezography Pro



I saw in one of the posts before the New Year that you were working on some neat new drivers. I don’t remember where I saw it but I’d like to know where that stands if possible. I have your Pro Inkset for my 3880. I have been using up some of the regular inks because I am frugal but am ready to transition over. Does it make sense to hold off a bit and start with the best system? Thanks for all of the great info on this forum. It is almost too much to digest but that makes it fun to work through.



Right now pro ink (on paper) printing is pretty much perfect with QTR on the 3880. I have not built toning sliders yet for the driver so this is a ways out. The driver is focusing on PiezoDN negative printing first (where it’s most needed).

Long story short, feel free to dive right into Pro with QuadtoneRIP on the 3880. There will be no real quality difference between this and the driver related to that ink on this printer.





Sorry, there were typos in the last post that I fixed.