New Cyanotype Linearization Challenges

I am trying to create a customized quad for Ware New Cycanotype chemistry and struggling to get a smooth target print.

  1. Printed limiter.tiff with QTRQui using the 4900 Pro-PiezoDN-Master following consistent darkroom procedures.

  2. Limiter value was calculated as 64 and Photoshop curve created.

  3. Curve numbers added to Piezography Cuve Adjustment workbook. Generated CGATs numbers and ran QTR-Linearize-Quad and failed to generate quad with an error of incorrect order.

  4. Tried correcting generated CGATs to makes sure all “L” values were at least 0.3 apart if necessary. Same error when attempting to generate quad.

  5. Switched to PPE and was able to use the PPE generated quad.

  6. Printed PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro2.tiff and measure values and feed those back into PPE

  7. Printed PiezodN-129STep-i1Pro2.tiff again and made some improvements.

Looking at the results and the negative it looks like there is just way too much density being generated for the highlights.

Is there a way with PIezoDN or PPE to provide a top limit for overall max density for a process?

Also how does the “Invert Curve” option in PPE work and when should it be used? If I load an existing PiezoDN Quad as the “Starting Curve” I believe the “New Curve” is in the correct order and do not need to check “Invert Curve”, if using some over positive process quad and want to create a negative process curve I would check “Invert Curve” to so that “New Curve” is reversed?