New curve channel remapping - channel missing in 2.1


hi walker
i have downloaded v2.1 and am trying to use the ‘new curve channel remapping’ tool to remap 2x channels. but LLK appears to be missing. i am only seeing 6x channels. this was not the case in 2.09. am i missing something?


It’s there. The place-holder curve is a K6 one in 2.1.0 though (no LLK). You need to copy/paste your curve into the tool and then you will be able to re-map it.




Thanks Walker!
Figured it out. It wasn’t working for me because when pasting my starting curve data into the ‘Starting Curve’ sheet, even after hitting ‘clear contents’ it was only pasting data until line 1549. Only the cells being used by the place-holder curve are active. Simply clearing the K6 contents and then pasting the PiezoPro starting curve on top means the data only gets pasted until line 1549.
I need to first select the column, then clear contents, then paste new data. Then numbers are inserted until row 2057.


Or after clearing contents, click cell A1 before pasting.

(It’s the last part of step 8 in the instructions.) :wink:


Yes of course! Thanks, my bad.