Networking an Epson 7880


Sorry for the slightly off topic post/question, but I can’t think of a better place. Does anyone know if I can use one the printer hubs that you connect to your home network via ethernet and then connect my Epson 7880 via the USB cable? I thought I read somewhere that you can’t use print tool via ethernet, but I thought this might work so that I can print from my main computer in the house and the printer is located in the studio.

Thanks for any ideas.


Ethernet/Printer-hubs don’t work well with the x880 printers (I have about 10 yrs of experience in this model in education environments so learned that the hard way).


Get an old imac or cheap mac mini on ebay and use that as your print server. Just connect the printer(s) to this machine by USB and share the printers from System Preferences.







Thank you for the response. I’ll check out the link. After my post, I was thinking about the problem and noticed that the Airport Express in my studio driving my speakers had a USB port sitting 2 feet away from the printer, so I plugged it in and was about to then find the printer in the System Settings and it’s been working like a champ. I haven’t tried any really big prints yet though. What are the typical issues with networking these printers? The last thing I want to have happened is for the printer to lose connection in the middle of a 20x24 inch print!!


This is mostly an issue of bandwidth but if it’s airport to USB to printer it should be fine.