when I use PiezoDN, the print is positive

do you know why ?





As the instructions say, import a positive image, select the correct PIEZODN curve, and then print it. This will print as a negative as long as you are printing with a PiezoDN curve.





Having today produced my first Pt/Pd print using K7 Warm Neutral inks, I noticed the same problem.

PiezoDN inverts the image to give the negative. Whilst this may be OK for many folk, it completely fills with black ink the area of the OHP film outside the image area , resulting in clear periphery in the final print.

This does seem a waste of ink and for folks like me who may want a thin surrounding area of reaction product showing brush strokes in the final print, it means that in Photoshop I have to put the positive image on a new black layer the exact size of the OHP film, then tell PiezoDN to print it.

I would prefer to invert the image in Photoshop and for PiezoDN to print that as it is, without inverting it.

Does anyone found a way to do so?




This has been talked about in many many threads.

If you are on a Mac, simply import a black image first and then import your print image. This takes care of the auto-masking.

If you are on a PC simply expand your canvas size in photoshop to be the exact size of the output film sheet (EG: 8.5x11) and set the canvas size background color to black. This also takes care of the auto-masking.

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