Moving to Cool K5 + Warm K4


Now that I’m reasonably comfortable with the new PiezoPro system/tools and how the inks behave on my papers, I am ready to move to K5 Cool + K4 Warm on my 7900. I realize I will need to redo some of the linearization work I’ve already done, but I think the investment in learning this system was necessary before getting in deeper.

I will be putting the Cool Very Light in my Orange slot since the normal channel for this ink (Green) is dead. Here’s an outline of what I think I need to do:

  • Load Cool Very Light in new refillable Orange Cart, install, then run a number (3-4?) of large (24 x 36) purge prints to push out the Piezoflush currently in the Orange channel.
  • Once I see ink printing, run additional purge prints to remove the Piezoflush staining.
  • With staining gone in the new ink, and for each of my papers:
    • Remap my "starting Cool K5 curve" to move Green to Orange slot (starting curve will be the specific paper curve you've provided instead of the K4 Master curves I used previously)
    • Linearize the remapped Cool K5 curve
    • Create a new Neutral curve using the Blender Tool to combine the new linearized K5 curve with my already linearized Warm K4 curve
    • Name the new Neutral curve so that it is clear it is a "custom" K5/K4 blend
Am I missing anything important in the above? I just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into before I start.

Regarding the Blender Tool: Can you provide the bezier control points and Cool/Warm % you used in making the Neutral curves you provide? As a starting point, it might help reduce the amount of work I’ll need to do to make the new K5/K4 Neutral curves.

Thanks, Dave


Hey Dave. You are right on the money!

The Bezier control points can be left as is when making a neutral curve. Just set Warm Neutral % to around 18 and COOL at 50 all the way from top to bottom as described in most recent deluxe manual (2017.v1)