More Test Prints and Impressions

I know have printed 5 22 x 17 high-resolution images: standard Photoshop-Epson, Photoshop-Pro (no QTR) and Pro Cool, Warm and Neutral, all on Canson Baryta Photographique (my favorite gloss/satin media) using a 4880.

I see the infinite possibilities but right now, my personal taste runs toward cool. Can the two warm inks be swapped for cool?

PS when using the “cool” curve is any warm ink used?

My understanding is you just use the cool adjustments if u prefer cool. Buy more cool ink when its required.

warm ink is not used in the cool.


If you swap the warm inks for cool just re-map a cool curve to use the warm-channels and then you will be using “dual cool”




Thanks, that is what I thought and I can see the advantage of 11-channel printers.

I will keep experimenting and perhaps what I really want is warm midtones and cool everything else.

I do like the option of “cool” only. Any idea if a single Power Clean is enough to purge the lines of Warm ink? Or maybe several normal cleans as this would be preferable.

I suggest you actually do purge prints (24x90" per channel) using the QTR Flush Images in >Applications>Piezography>Images.


Reference instructions:




Thanks. When I decide, I will try that