Monitor Upgrade

In searching the forum, the most recent monitor recommendation I have found is from 2017 for the NEC SpectraView. In talking with the reps at Sharp/NEC they said I needed to try to find a PA271Q-BK-SV Which is discontinued. He indicated they were eliminating their SpectraView monitor line and it is unknown what will replace it. I am thinking 24” or 27”.

Can you give me your current recommendations for a monitor for both color and Piezography work? I was hoping for a $1500-ish budget if possible. If you are aware of the current market of wide gamut color critical monitors, perhaps you could share what I would gain by increasing the budget in $500 or so increments to $2500.

I currently have the I1 Pro colorimeter.

I am also looking to add a new monitor as well (I will continue to use my NEC SpecteaView 27”). I am considering the newish Eizo ColorEdge CG series or a Benq SW series monitor. Both have hardware calibration support. Wondering what others are using as well.

I’m in the same boat. My NEC LCD2490WUXi is starting to show areas of uneven illumination which isn’t being corrected by the built-in ColorComp feature. Based on the discussion in this Luminous Landscape posting, I’m considering the Eizo CS2731.

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