Monitor for Piezography Pro


Hi Walker, Jon,

I am thinking about maybe investing in a new monitor. I read in the manual that Eizo CG or NEC Spectraview are recommended, and understand why*. As I shop for the monitors online, I see features that include “automatic calibration”, or similar. I am not sure if such newer monitors with this auto calibration features are of use.

Can you recommend a particular model number CG or Spectraview monitor ? New or legacy ?

  • I have 3 archived LaCie Electron Blue monitors, with an original blue eye and a mac with os9 (!!!) to calibrate and profile these monitors. I can compare the gamuts to make sure they are still performing well.

I thought maybe the newer LCDs would provide superior resolution which may be advantageous for soft proofing <span style=“line-height: 1.5;”>Piezo Pro </span><span style=“line-height: inherit;”>due to it’s superior resolution.</span>





We suggest NEC SpectraView (new or old work) as they retain their calibration internally meaning you can have the same calibration and plug in various computers into the monitor.