Missing x900 Pro K5 curves for Epson Hot Press


I see only Epson EEF, Ultra Prem Glossy and Ultra Prem Luster in the K5 folders for all the x900 printers in the latest Community Edition, nothing for Hot Press Bright or Hot Press Natural. Interestingly, I do see Epson Hot Press (not sure if it is meant to be “Bright” or “Natural”) in the x900 K4 folders, but not the three mentioned above.

Any chance we can get the K5 curves for Hot Press Bright and Hot Press Natural? And are the existing K4 curves meant for Hot Press Bright or Natural (or both)?



I would first test with the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pro K5 curve just to see (most likely this will print perfectly on HP).

If not, drag the HP pro K4 curves into the K5 folder and install and test.

Sorry this was an oversight on the K5 curve creation and this is on a low R&D ladder rung to fix at moment.


Bright and Natural use same curve.




I was about to start on this but after comparing the Pro curves for HPR and EHP I’m not sure I want to proceed down this path and waste a lot of ink and paper…ink densities are noticeably higher in the HPR quad file. For this reason I don’t see these two curve families as compatible. And it doesn’t make sense for me to just use the K4 EHP quad file and throw away the investment in the Very Light ink.

So I’m hopeful that the x900 K5 EHP quad files can find their way into the Community Edition sooner rather than later.

Makes sense as they probably use the same coating.



Hi Dave,

For what it is worth I am also working with EHPN on a 7900 and K5 curves and I got good results with using HPR curves as a base and limiting them slightly depending on the color. I found that the neutral curve limited at 95%, warm didn’t need any limiting, and cool at 105% worked well. I’m getting Dmax in the range of L* 12.3-12.7. Then a 21 step linearization, followed by a 256 step linearization resulted in a pretty solid starting curves for EHPN. I’m happy to send you my starting curves if you’d like.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the generous offer. For now I’m pursuing a homegrown experimental solution that involves a graphical “curve editor” tool that will allow me to add a Very Light curve into the existing K4 EHP quad file with needed adjustments to existing curves and maintaining the desired TIL characteristics. A linearization cycle would then be applied to the new quad file. I only need to do this for the cool quad file since I’m running a “CoolK5/WarmK4” setup (due to a bad Green channel in my 7900). Don’t know if this will succeed but it’s a fun exercise for me until Walker will have a chance to get his EHP K5 curves in the distribution.


Dave. You can use the blender tool to merge a k4 cool and k5 cool just in the highlights to add the VLG in.


Set Warm Blend % to zero and then blend according to taste.