Missing channels on P800, print heads are good

Hi, I am not able to print a good negative target image on my P800 for the last couple of days. Using a 129 step image, the whole center area of the patch test seams to be faded, like an ink channel is missing. My P800 printer is working well - the print heads are all functioning when I print out a diagnostic test.

The problem did begin after an upgrade to Ventura on my mac. Ventura has a lot of bugs and does not work well with Print Tool. In the end I had to downgrade back to Monterey and reinstall Print Tool and Quadtone rip. I have tested everthing I can think of. Tried different curves. Removed Print Tool and Quadtone RIP and reinstalled using different versions. Nothing works.

Here is an image of the negative from my lightbox.

Here is the curve I am using originally supplied by Walker):
x8xx-PiezoDN-Pro-Master.quad (8.1 KB)

Here is an image of the test chart using P800-Pro curves for a positive image, (printed on plain paper).
Quality is poor because of the paper, but the chart is correctly printed.
This cannot be an issue with the P800 printer itself. The problem lies somewhere with the DN curves, Quadtone RIP, and Print Tool.

looks like you are missing shade 2 entirely (warm and cool dark grey inks both or one)