Migrating from Windows to Mac

I’m migrating my PiezoDN workflow from Windows to a new Mac M1 Mini. I haven’t installed any software yet. I’m still in the planning stage.

Question 1: My printer is an Epson P400. I understand the Epson driver is needed for print utilities such as monitoring ink levels, On their downloads page, Epson doesn’t list Big Sur as one of the supported Apple operating systems. The latest OS in the list is Catalina. Will this be a problem?

Question 2: I already own Windows the versions of QTR, PiezoDN, and PPEv2. Will I be able to download the Mac versions for free, or will I need to purchase them? I know I will need to purchase Print-Tool.

Question 3: Besides the software mentioned above, is there anything else I will need for making and calibrating digital negatives? Do I need the Community Edition?

no problem here on MacBook m1.

No need to repurchase.

You need community edition for all the target images.

Thanks, Walker. Target images are also in PPEv2, so maybe I don’t need the Community Edition after all.