migrating from K7 to Pro inkset


I am wondering if anyone who has migrated from a K7 system (e.g. Neutral, Selenium, Special Edition…) to Pro, and are using QTR for blending, have discovered the approximate QTR settings for their previous favorite K7 inkset? I say “approximate” as I understand that Pro is extremely powerful in “blended” warm / cool ink densities. I am looking at a starting point (beyond “Neutral” as documented in the manual) to help minimize ink waste.




Yeah. There were a few posts about this on community.inkjetmall.com as well as this forum. Pro was not meant to match the older systems (totally different carbon base ink) but you can get very neutral with pro as well as a good Warm Neutral. On some papers you’ll get a decent selenium too but it won’t be as magenta as selenium gets.