Measurements incorrectly Transposed i1Pro2 31 step target

Hi - I have printed a 31x9 step negative target using a curve generated previously by me in PPEv2. I printed the neg in the darkroom using Malde-Ware Print out method and measured the target print using i1Pro2. I followed the usual method: saved it as a CGATS LIE.txt file, and then inserted it into the measurements tab of PPe tools 2.2.1, and then inserted my starting curve too, as usual. The resulting curve is insane! Obviously incorrect. What I see is that the target measurements have not been averaged for each of the 9 iterations. This means the measurement curve looks like a roller coaster or mountain range.

Question: What is the likely error here?

  1. Is the 31x9 step not supported? (I pulled it from the Piezo targets because I wanted the biggest number of steps that still used averaging. To make it more accurate than the 21step target. I find the bigger 256 step targets have too many false readings when used to measure darkroom prints).

  2. Do i need to “tell” the PPe spreadsheet that I am using the 31 step target? How would I do this?

  3. Do I have to average each of the 31 steps across the 9 measurements myself and manually input them into the PPe table?

I’ve got paper coated so I would like to print them today so they don’t go to waste. Any help appreciated.

Not supported. Use the 21x16 or 256.

31x9 was for people transitioning from PDN.


If you manually average these measurement in google spreadsheet you can just copy/paste the averaged 31 measurements into the top left column of Measurements and it will work.

Thanks Walker - it was a good workaround.