Mean Well LED Power Supply for verifiedUV™ 365nM UV High Output Light Strips

The strips are back in stock, thank you!

Could you advice about the exact type for the power supply. I’ll need a power between 200 W and 500 W.
I had a closer look on the Mean Well website and overwhelmed about the different types of power units.

Thanks (I’m Europe based).


Hi Peter,
You can expect that your power supply needs for driving the LEDs are rather straightforward. The two most important specs are the AC input voltage, DC output voltage, and wattage. For the 365nm LEDs it’s 12volts and 14 watts per meter. Calculate the wattage for the total length and add 20% so that the supply has some head room. Although small, you might also want to include the power needs for cooling fan(s) in your calculations. Based on your estimated power needs it might be more economical to use two or more smaller supplies and split the load as compared to one one larger supply.

Assuming the supply will be used indoors and not applied to humans (e.g., medical) other considerations are usually secondary (i.e., enclosure, cooling, waterproofness, grounding, and insulation). Meanwell appears to provide a wide range of power supply products. The External Switching Power Supply adapters would probably meet your needs.


Hi Eric, thanks for your reply, it’s verry clear (with a small remark that Jon use a 30% rule instead of a 20% rule). Furthermore I don’t know if the tolerances on the output voltage will have a significant effect on the exposure.