Matching Tool & Linearize Quad without QTR


Hi Walker,

You already helped me with part of this few years ago on a very particuliar gamma 1.0 target.

As you know when trying to linearize quad (QTR-Lin-Quad) with values from the Matching Tool, it often don’t want to use my data because “Invalid linearize curve – not constantly increasing”.

Did you developped a new tool for linearizing a quad, based on a target directly in the new Piezography Professionnal ?

I just can’t linearize the quad wit QTR so I’m searching another way to do it.




PPEv2 includes the target matching and full linearization, etc. No worries. You don’t need any of the old tools.



OK I missed it, thanks!


Hi Walker,

The tool works very well but I can’t get better than this, that’s really strange.

Here’s the resulting .quad, it looks very unusual, like it can’t get the highlights right.

And here is the old curve that I built some years ago wich gave me perfect results before (dead on the green curve target).

What could it be ?


Please share screenshots of your full tool so I can see your falser column, etc.

Also, this is the weird “gamma 1.0” target that we did last year yes?



Yes this is the weird gamma 1.0 target, it worked well last years but now I can’t get it right.

Here are the screenshots.


I printed a test target with the old curve, this is what looks like the OLD curve we worked on last year.
Target was the same, it prints darker than expected, that’s why I’m trying to rebuild a new curve.

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t messed up with the wrong inks in the cartridge but the shift is huge !


Error from me, I think we didn’t use the same target last time, that’s why I get these differences.

Their target seems to not have constant increasing values.

I’ll do it again with one of the 80 target that is in the Piezography’s folder and let you know.


sounds good. The target was a strange one (gamma1)



That was it, bad target used, I’m still learning ahah
I don’t know how they created it but yes it’s weird.

When measuring the 80 patch in the Colorport folder then linearise it I match the target in only one lin, the tool works great !